PCC EMEA Conference Registration and Attendance Terms and Conditions

PCC EMEA is a not for profit organization comprising Official Partners, Re-sellers and Partners of Avaya Enterprise products and services in EMEA.

By registering and /or attending a PCC EMEA conference individuals must be bound by the following terms and conditions.

Non Disclosure

Information presented at PCC EMEA is privileged and should always be deemed ‘Non Disclosure’ to persons outside of; PCC EMEA, Avaya and Participating official PCC EMEA Partners, Re-sellers and Partners , unless specifically authorised by Avaya.


Registrations should be made in line with instructions contained within the conference invitation, due to the different countries and locations used for conferences, there may be different methods for registration, however predominantly web based registrations will be the norm. To guarantee bookings a credit card number should be provided. Debit arrangements will be detailed on the registration web site.

Payment and Fees

Payment of Hotel and conference fees will normally be made at check-out from the hotel. Individuals should settle their accounts including any extras.
The structure of the costs associated with the conference will normally be made up of 

  • Hotel room and breakfast - on per night basis
  • 24hour delegate rate ( includes lunch , coffee breaks, room hire etc ) – on per day basis
  • PCC EMEA conf fee - an attendance fee for the conference

Cancellation policy

Conference reservation cancellations can incur penalties, the exact details will be published as part of each conference registration.


Whilst every pre-caution is taken by PCC EMEA and its’ agents to ensure the safety of conference attendees and the general public. PCC EMEA accepts no liability for unforeseen situations beyond its control however so caused.
Attendees are strongly advised to take out personal and third party insurance to cover against unforeseen liability.

Personal Conduct

Conference attendees should conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times, respecting local customs and traditions as well as the integrity of PCC EMEA, Avaya and its’ associated Partners, Re-sellers and Partners.

Third party Exhibitors

At the PCC EMEA conference, exhibition space is made available to official Avaya Developer Partners who provide complimentary products and services. As part of the package that the developer partners pay for, they are entitled to a list of conference attendees for follow up marketing purposes. PCC EMEA will only divulge names and business email addresses to the developer partners who have confirmed they will not pass this information on.